All Time Best Theme and Plugin for WordPress Developer

So you just landed a job. Your client asks you to create a responsive website with the usual “modern business” layout. The first thing that comes to mind is the theme, next is plugin. You want something flexible yet powerful. You want to impress your client without leaving any doubt for possible alternatives. Sounds like something you’ve gone through regularly? Same here. Here is a list of my theme and plugin of choice for all time best theme & plugin for WordPress developer.

  • What ever bad things happen to your WordPress site, chances are, you need to roll back to the previous state-the state before things got ugly. And what handles best when time of crisis hits you without warning? A Backup Solution! Updraft Plus is not only a backup solution, it’s a fully-restore-in-a-flash solution too. See, when your client’s site is down you don’t want it be down for hours or even days! You need a reliable and quick solution to this mess, thankfully Updraft Plus is your savior. Best yet, it is so easy to use that anyone even the novice can use and manage this plugin. Let me explain in greater details how this cool-and-so-important plugin works in real life situations.
  • #1. Easy To Use
    #2. Set It and Forget It
    #3. Backup/Restore to the Cloud
    #4. Cloning & Migration Made Easy
    #5. Single Site, Yes. Multi Site, Sure.
    #6. Best Reason – FREE !!!